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How about if I told you that there is a website that has all your favorite BBW and chubby Pornstars that actually have sex with male porn stars on live video, in other words they fuck like they do on porn videos but instead of it being a recorded and edited video it is actually live… What do you think of that? Not bad huh? That’s what you find over at, they are a fairly new website and to be honest I really never heard of them before, not until I clicked on a banner that said on it live porn star sex shows, and it led me to the above linked website.

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I don’t know why they do not have an aggressive advertising campaign, simply because I think that Pornstars webcams with them having live sex is an absolutely great concept and I don’t know of any other website on the Internet doing this. When I looked into it I discovered that there are only two websites that have 24 hours a day in rotation over 500 porn stars that have sex live on the web, and both of them are owned by the same network.

I was a little curious not to say suspicious, and as an editor I wanted to go in and test this website to see if it really was what they claimed it was and that they really did offer what they say they can offer. Needless to say they were right, and by only spending less than two dollars I managed to stay on the website nearly all day and check out all the Live Pornstars shows happening, and when I say live I mean live that they are having sex then and there in front of me on WebCam, not only, I managed to see the archives of thousands of previous shows that went live in the past on this website and millions of porn photographs and pictures that you can’t find anywhere else but on this website.